The Action Plan was finalized in the summer of 2015.

Thereafter individuals were recruited for the Implementation Committee, which is comprised of prominent members of the community, including City and County Departments, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, advocates, and the academic community.

Co-chairs for the Implementation Committee are Gary Nakata, a member of the Mayor’s cabinet and Director of the City and County Department of Community Services, and Frank Streed, a retired City Council staff member.

The Implementation Committee was divided into six workgroups, in alignment with the WHO domains of an age-friendly city. Members were carefully selected and recruited because of their community roles, skills, and expertise. Over the past year, the workgroups met monthly, reviewed the Action Plan’s goals, recommendations, and action steps; set priorities; and began implementation.


Frank StreedFrank Streed is recently retired after 30+ years of service with the State of Hawaii and the City & County of Honolulu.  Mr. Streed graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning.  He has experience in land use and economic planning and has served as the Executive Assistant to the Majority Leader of the Hawaii State House of Representatives and as Senior Policy Advisor to four members of the Honolulu City Council.


Age-Friendly Honolulu would like to introduce our new Co-Chair, Ms. Pamela Witty-Oakland. Pamela was recently appointed by Mayor Caldwell as the Director  of the Department of Community Services, replacing former DCS Director and AFH Co-Chair Gary Nakata.

“Age-Friendly Honolulu represents a visionary effort to improve the livability of our community for both keiki and kupuna. Transit-oriented development (TOD) along the rail route from East Kapolei to Honolulu is an opportunity to build community assets that support mobility, access, and enhanced quality of life for kupuna and keiki.” ~ Pamela Witty-Oakland


Christy NishitaChristy Nishita, Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii, Center on Aging serves as Age-Friendly Honolulu’s consultant. She helps to foster community engagement and conducts the initiative’s evaluation.